Deadline for student groups to request funds approaching

Feb. 23 will be the deadline for student groups and organizations to submit requests for funds from student activity fees for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Club advisors can submit requests personally at the office of Student Engagement and Diversity or online through Campus Engage, where a link to the SAFAC Request Application can be found near the top of the website page.


“Political and religious organizations are not eligible for funding through student fees per SAFAC policy and procedure 4.10.2P,” Zeke Sorensen, coordinator for Student Engagement and Diversity, said.


New student groups and organizations are reminded to officially register at the office of Student Engagement & Diversity before requesting funds.


To ensure adequate time for committee consideration, student presentations and campus budget process deadlines, applications that have not been received or completed by Feb. 23 will not be considered.


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