LCCC seeks renovation funds from Legislature to avoid using student fees

Laramie County Community College is looking at getting at least half of the funds needed to renovate the Fine Arts building and construct a new performing arts center from the Legislature.


Daniel Powell, dean of Arts and Humanities, said that before the bond was voted down in November, LCCC went to the Legislature and asked for  $7 million to go toward the renovation of the Fine Arts building.  LCCC, however, would be required to match that number, bringing the total funds to $14 million. LCCC’s original plan was to raise the funds with a capital construction bond this past November.


Even though the bond didn’t pass, LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer said that there is still a chance that the Legislature will give LCCC $7 million that would cover half the construction and renovation costs. Schaffer said  LCCC may try to propose another bond to the community or to privately raise the other $7 million needed to complete the project. .


Schaffer said if LCCC does get the money from the legislature, the college will most likely not use student fees to fund the project.

The 2018 legislative session begins Feb. 12. Schaffer said there will be no specific plans until a decision is made in the Legislature.


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