The wonders of kindness

During Christmas break, I went to see a movie. My friend and I sat down just as the movie was beginning; however, it was not the movie we intended to see. Instead it was the movie “Wonder.”

It was kind of late and it wasn’t what we were dying to see, so we were going to leave, but for some reason I knew we should stay.

I am very glad we stayed because I was reminded of a very important lesson that night.

The movie began with a young boy being homeschooled because his parents wanted to protect him from people making fun of the facial deformity he was born with. However, August or “Auggie” decides he wants to enroll in public school.

At first his parents are skeptical, but they know he will have to go at some point.

School is hard for Auggie for a while. The other kids make fun of him with unkind jokes about his appearance. Eventually, one student, Jack Will, starts hanging out with him.

Yes, there are still hardships, but he finds a group of friends who look past his appearance and into his heart.

This movie had an overall value, which was to choose kindness. During the movie, the teacher has a quote on the board about kindness. “When given the choice between being right or being kind choose kind.”

This hit me hard because the world today does not reflect kindness. We fight over politics, religion and even how to pronounce certain words, but we don’t realize that these arguments or disagreements tear us apart.

We all need to come to the realization that not all of us are going to agree with each other and that is OK. Everyone can have different opinions and views, but it is up to us to hear out opposing viewpoints before judging.

Once someone starts judging someone for their looks or beliefs, we become hypocrites because we can’t handle someone doing the same to us.

A lot of people always want to be right, no matter what the circumstance, but is it really necessary when it comes to being right or being kind?  

With kindness comes respect and I also think that the world lacks respect. People don’t respect each other’s views, beliefs or looks.

“Wonder” made me remember that when we are unkind to each other, we cause a lot of damage to the person as well as ourselves.

Just because a girl doesn’t wear a ton of makeup or doesn’t curl her hair everyday doesn’t mean we should judge them.

“Wonder” made me reflect on how I look at people and how I should treat people, based on their heart and who they are, rather than what they look like or what they wear.

The world is not perfect and there will always be judgement; however, being kind and respectful to each other can start here at Laramie County Community College.

Random Acts of Kindness Week was in February and it is awesome to see a community come together; however, we should use this week as an example for how we should live our lives everyday.

Hold the door for someone, compliment a person on their presentation, or simply ask how someone is doing.

So, whatever you are doing now, as you walk by another person, or if you are spending time with friends, choose kindness.


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