New counselor Maggie Albers looks to focus on student’s needs

Maggie Albers

Maggie Albers is a new full-time counselor at Laramie County Community College.

Albers worked part-time during fall 2017 and officially began as a full-time counselor on Feb. 1.

Albers has a bachelors in psychology and sociology from Black Hills State University, as well as a masters in mental health counseling from Minnesota State University.

Albers grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota, and has lived in Spearfish, South Dakota; Mankato, Minnesota; and Cheyenne.

Albers worked as a counselor for a private practice, Hansen and Associates, in Cheyenne until she went on maternity leave. She has experience working with children and adolescents.

When Albers was in college, she started taking psychology classes; however, she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do.

“During my sophomore year of college, my dad ended up getting cancer and through that process the hospital provided family counseling and it was great,” Albers said. “Ever since then, I have felt that counseling is needed.”

Albers said that her experience made her want to be that person who could help anybody.

Within LCCC, Albers wants to provide extra programming, extra groups and anything that students show a need for.

“The best experience, in this field, is when you are able to make connections with anybody, but specifically with resistant people that don’t want the help or don’t think they need the help,” Albers said.

Albers husband, Austin Albers, is the volleyball coach at LCCC. They just welcomed a baby boy, Emmitt, in December.

“Since Austin is a coach here we like to attend the athletic events together, and I am excited to have Emmitt with me this year during volleyball season to cheer on the team,” Albers said.

Juggling a new job, a new baby, and life altogether can be difficult, but Albers manages to recharge in different ways.

“In my free time, I would say that I really enjoy spending time with my husband, son and our two dogs,” Albers said. “We are looking forward to this summer when the weather is nice and Emmitt is a little older and active.”

Albers likes to read, listen to music, work out and clean the house as well.

“I’m a weird combination of introverted and extroverted, but I definitely recharge by getting some relaxing peace and quiet, especially since my job involves talking and listening to people all day and juggling some pretty stressful situations,” Albers said.

Albers and her husband were in a long-distance relationship until she graduated from MSU and moved to Cheyenne to be with him. She has been living in Cheyenne for the last three years.  

“Right now, I am at a really happy place and I have always wanted to work on a college campus,” Albers said. “I am very happy with this job, this position, and this population.”


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