Wide variety of art to be displayed at the Student Art Exhibition

The Laramie County Community College Student Art Exhibition will open with a reception, including food and drinks, at noon on April 11 at the Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery. Student’s artwork can be viewed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday until May 5.

“Since artworks can be submitted until April 4, the number and types of pieces to be showcased are still unknown,” Matt West, the art instructor at LCCC in charge of organizing the exhibition, said. “However, judging from past exhibitions, there will be a wide variety of mediums and styles.”

“The mediums of painting, drawing, pottery and sculpture are all typically exhibited at the show,” West said.

Any LCCC student, whether they are art students or not, can submit and exhibit their artwork in the gallery as long as it is turned into West before the April 4 deadline. The exhibition prepares art students for their future careers by teaching them how to prepare and present works of art for public showings. Since a large obstacle in the art world is public recognition, this exhibition provides a unique opportunity for students.

“The Student Art Exhibition provides students with the opportunity to exhibit and showcase their work to their friends and their community,” West said.

Students or community members can visit the gallery to enjoy the artwork, view the progression of LCCC’s art program, and perhaps purchase a work of art if the artist wishes to sell. Both entering works of art and viewing the gallery are free of charge.

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