New certificates will help students reach goals faster


LCCC has added options for students in the College of Business, Agriculture and Technical Studies to enter the workplace faster with new certificates.


The LCCC Board of Trustees approved the two new certificates in late January. The certificates would help local companies hire employees who are in high demand.  Certificates are made to help students get the required education needed for their area of study, and that helps them enter the workforce much sooner than receiving a two- or four-year degree.


One certificate is the Equine Training Credit Diploma, which helps prepare students for work in equine training and management. Students will also learn the necessary skills to help them for their chosen field in the equine industry.  


The program will take students one year to complete or two semesters. According to Jill Koslosky, interim dean of the College of Business, Agriculture and Technical Studies, students are already completing one year of the two-year equine trainer associates degree.


“That industry is driven by who you work for and how well you do your job,” Koslosky said. “The better you do your training the more money you will make.”


The lowest fee that a horse trainer was charging that Koslosky said she could find was about $700 a month, and that trainer has a list of people waiting for their horse to be trained.


The other new certificate is for a data-center technician credit diploma.


This 16-week program prepares students for entry-level employment in data centers or other businesses that have the demand of computer technicians. The demand is also very high, Koslosky said. The local Microsoft data center came to LCCC last fall  with a request to start up an entry-level program for data-center technicians.

“This program will allow students who want to go into the work field more sooner than later,” Koslosky said.


According to Koslosky, if students wanted to continue to work toward their degree after the 16-week program, they can apply these credits toward the Computer Information Systems associate’s degree.  


“They need employees now,” Roger Findley, LCCC instructor of Cisco technology, said. “It’s projected to be 50 employees over the next three years.”


These credit diplomas will be sent to the Wyoming Community College Commission in April. If approved, the programs will be available to students this fall.


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