SGA discusses Student Veterans, Pathway 2.0

The LCCC student government was joined by Student Veterans of America representative Chris Runnels, who will be attending SGA meetings regularly to give input on what his organization is doing around campus.
Runnels spoke on how SVA got approved to conduct a portion of orientation around campus to discuss veteran benefits and protocols for new students.
The Vice President of SGA, Justin Mondujano, mentioned that the new Pathway 2.0 program has kicked off.
Pathway 2.0 is a group of nine committees and organizations that are a part of a three year project designed to update the LCCC community. One focus for updating the community will be orientations and how to make them better, as well as getting students moving towards the degrees they are seeking in a timely manner.
Tylor Ricciardelli, a senator for SGA, shared information on a class being offered in the summertime that hasn’t been offered the last couple of years due to low enrollment. The class is called Yellowstone Science, a 4-credit course that gives students an opportunity to live in Yellowstone National Park for a week while attending classes.
Ricciardelli brought up the need to better inform students of classes the college has to offer that are often cancelled due to low enrollment. Classes such as Introduction to Religion Philosophy and Fencing were among the list.

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