Pros, cons, rights; marriage is changing in the United States

When looking at controversy in the United States in the past few years, gay marriage has been a popular topic, and Americans have been debating whether same sex couples should be allowed to marry.

The United States is one of the best places for diversity. It is a fundamental law that Americans won’t deny someone their rights because of a prejudice.

As long as it is not hurting anyone physically, it’s not an issue. People should be allowed to marry who they love without discrimination.

However, being a Christian, I do understand the argument against gay marriage. I also believe that just because a person doesn’t believe in gay marriage doesn’t necessarily make it wrong.

The Pros of Gay Marriage:

One of the major arguments for marriage between same sex couples is that everyone has a right to marry the person they love. It’s also been argued that marriage is about love and being with each other “till death do us part.”

According to “The concept of “traditional marriage” has changed over time, and the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman is historically inaccurate.

The argument here is that marriage between two people hasn’t always been confined to man and woman. According to, Harvard University historian Nancy F. Cott said two centuries ago, monogamous households made up a small portion of the world’s population.

“Gay marriage is protected by the US Constitution’s commitments to liberty and equality,” said.

The constitution protects the rights of gay couples, and are granted the same rights as other couples. As a result of United States Supreme Court case “OBERGEFELL v. HODGES,” gay couples were given the right to marry.

According to, by denying gay couples the right to marry, they are being treated as second class citizens because of its discriminatory principals. By denying rights to gay citizens, the law would imply that heterosexual couples have certain rights over gay couples.

There is also the argument that gay couples make great parents.

“We should be begging gay couples to adopt children,” former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein said. “We should see this as a great boon that gay marriage could bring to kids who need nothing more than two loving parents.”

Because gay couples cannot have children of their own, adoption is usually what they turn to. In my opinion, the idea that couples are willing to adopt and help take children away from bad situations is a blessing.

The Cons of Gay Marriage:    

Most of the opinions against gay marriage stem from Christianity. There are people who are against the idea of gay marriage, however, most arguments stem from the church.

Christians are taught that marriage is a sacred thing between a man and a woman. Marriage is about love and family. One major argument within this community is that gay couples cannot procreate to have children.

Although gay couples have the option to adopt, there is also the argument that children need a mother and father to raise them. According to, in a 2012 study it showed that children raised by same sex couples were more likely to be abused and be unemployed later in life.

The idea that children raised with same sex parents experience more difficulties is understandable if you think about it. Because of the belief that some people have of same sex couples, it also has an effect on the children involved.   

There are always going to be two sides to an argument. Now, whether or not you agree with one side doesn’t change the way the other side views an issue. Gay marriage will be a controversial issue until people can accept that people are allowed to love who they want.


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