Asher Building offers live music on Friday nights

Fridays in the Asher, a way to get cheap entertainment for only $5, is mid-way through its spring schedule with five dates remaining starting April 6.


A team of volunteers works to book bands “that are really rising and who are really trying to break through in the music industry,” said Mike Morris, the volunteer director.

Fridays in the Asher started in 2011 when a team of volunteers got together to book musicians for a series of affordable concerts.  The volunteers watched Fridays in the Asher take off, with audiences of up to 320 people at the shows.

Morris said that they try to stay away from country music because there is enough of it in Cheyenne, but they do not stay away completely.

The next concert on April 6 will feature Sur Ellz, a 23 year old musician from denver who describes himself as a “futuristic neo-soul” artist whose influences include Prince, Timbaland and Stevie Nicks. He will be joined by YaSi, the daughter of Iranian immigrants who is a “sing-hop” artist from Denver.

Fridays in the Asher welcomes all ages but tries to focus on 18- to  25-year-olds in the community. The audience usually comes from all over Southeastern Wyoming and Northern Colorado.  Alcohol will be sold for those who are 21 and older. The money from drinks and admission will help bring more musicians to the Asher.

Fridays in the Asher begin at 7 p.m.



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