Dean of School of Health Science, Wellness retiring

The Dean of School of Health Sciences & Wellness, Terry Harper, is retiring after five years with LCCC.

Harper said she sees her time in Cheyenne as a wonderful opportunity that has opened her eyes to the west. Compared to her home state of Michigan, she says Wyoming winds are harsh, and she misses the weather and water Michigan had to offer.

But Harper also said life is more than your location or your environment, it’s about the relationships you establish with people. Getting to know folks around campus while being able to utilize the skills she had picked up over the years was a great experience Harper said.

The new Health Sciences building has been helpful in offering better equipped classrooms that open the door to more diverse instructional strategies. As far as if the new building attracted new students however, Harper does not believe that is the case.

Classes dedicated towards the Health Sciences & Wellness major are spread throughout campus, with classes being taught in the old dental/radiology building, the Recreation and Athletic Complex, and the training center. Harper emphasized that what draws students to this field is the labor need. The availability of well-paying jobs is the primary motivator for students.

It was tough for Harper to pin down a single memorable moment of her time spent with the college because she said there were so many.

One that stuck out to her was when she had permed her hair and thought it was way too curly, so she wore a scarf to keep it covered. A program director thought it was so funny that she asked all the directors to wear scarves to the next meeting. When Harper entered the room and noticed everyone with scarves, she thought it was hilarious.

“It was hysterically funny.” Harper said, “We all had a good laugh.”

The biggest thing Harper said she will miss about LCCC is the people. She said there were so many good people she has met with different perspectives.

As for what is next for Harper, she said she plans on spending time in Michigan with her family and lending a helping hand to her children and grandchildren.

Harper said she believed that in order for a person to stay strong individually, they should seek new learning and acquire new skills, which she is planning to do as she moves forward.

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