ADVISING CORNER: Utilizing the main components of advising

By Andrew Wilburn

Hello from the Advising Office! Your academic advisor is here to help you throughout your time here at LCCC. We are here to offer you holistic advising to help you be successful. This means that we recognize that your success in school is dependent on more than just your courses. Your advisors will assist you with all aspects of your student experience. They can connect you with various resources to help you when you need it, as well as discuss how the various elements of your life may be affecting your academic progress and your development as a student. This segment of Wingspan is dedicated to providing information that can help all students to connect with their advisor and to promote student success at LCCC.

This month I want to share some tips about how to get the most from the three main components of advising: You, Faculty, and Advisors. To get the most out of your advising experience and the best advice you must work with all three components. Let’s start with You.

You: This is your education and your college experience; you are the most important component of advising. The more you advocate for yourself, the more likely you are to reach your goals and complete your degree. Don’t wait for your advisor or faculty to call you, make regular contact with both and always check your school email for communications. Do your own research on classes, majors, and careers. Write the classes and schedule you want before you meet with advisors and faculty and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and share information. The more information you can give them, the better advice they can give you. Lastly, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Faculty and advisors want you to succeed and will help you find the resources you need to be successful.

Faculty: Our current advising model does not mandate that you meet with faculty for advising but this is a hugely important part of getting the most complete advising information. The faculty in your major know more about your major than anyone else on campus. They can give you great advice on which classes to take as well provide you with information on careers and transfer programs related to your major. They can also check to see if you are meeting the requirements of your major. However, it is important that you have questions prepared before you meet with them and make sure you provide all the information they need to help you. Also, make sure you completely and accurately share the conversations you have with your advisor with your faculty and visa-versa. To help, faculty need to have an accurate understanding of why an advisor recommended a certain course and they need to hear the same story and concerns that you share with your advisor. Lack of information can lead to bad advice even from the wisest Sherpa. If you tell your advisor you are interested in one career and your Faculty another, neither one will give you very good advice.  Faculty Connections day is April 3rd; use that day to meet with your faculty if you have not do so before then.

Advisors: Meet with your advisor early and as often as needed. It is always easier to schedule an appointment with them early in a semester and so you’ll be ready to enroll on the very first day of enrollment. That will help you get the courses you need and stay on your academic plan. Advisors can work with you set up an academic plan that will help you graduate as soon as possible or set up a plan that works with all the demands in your life. Again, it is important for you to come prepared to your meeting and share complete information about conversation with faculty and your goals and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your advisor knows about all the resources available on campus to help you be successful and they are here to help you any way they can.

Here are some important upcoming dates for advising:

19 March- B8 Classes begin

23 March- Last day to drop B8 course without receiving a W, End of 100% Refund

3 April- Faculty Connections Day

3 April- LCCC/University of Wyoming Registration Day

10 April- Summer and Fall Registration Begins for currently enrolled students

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