New cafe brings students on board

Kyle Kemetz makes the roast for the opening on March 1. Josh McLees

A new café is on the rise in Cheyenne: Central Café, located at 3920 Central Ave., has a lot to offer.

The idea is part of Central Café LLC, which is a group that owns the small business in Cheyenne. Jenna Beahm was selected to be the general manager of the café.

The café will offer many food and drinks such as coffee, pastries and soup. The pastries will be made by the Bread Basket Bakery, specifically for the café. They also offer a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options.

“The breakfast menu will offer yogurt parfaits, sandwiches and some breakfast toasts,” Beahm said. “Then our lunch menu will offer panini sandwiches, salads and soups.”

Along with a diverse food menu, the café will offer the usual coffee drinks: brewed coffee, espressos, teas, but it will have a special coffee roaster who is making their own special house blend for the cafe

“Kyle Kemetz, our roaster, is making a special blend for us,” Beahm said. “Then we will have your typical coffee shop stuff, such as, lattes, café au laits, cappuccinos, brewed coffee, teas and things like that.”

Beahm said she doesn’t feel like other coffee shops are competition and wants them to be partners.

“What makes us special is we have this local roaster here that is blending great coffees for us,” Beahm said. “We are also a friend to the community, so we want to partner with other businesses and other coffee shops, we don’t really see them as competition.”

Along with their unique shop, Central Café also wants the community and LCCC students to feel welcomed here.

“We offer free Wi-Fi and we have no age limit here,” Beahm said. “A lot of our staff here are students, so you know, there’s no age limit here. We’re in the avenues with an older demographic, businesses all around here, and have people visiting their friends here.”

The café also wants it’s customers to feel comfortable when visiting their establishment.

“The atmosphere is cool but comfortable, so the theme is French Industrial.” Beahm said. “We hope people come here and feel like it’s a second home to them.”

Making the café feel like a second home really helps the café stand out in such a competitive market, but Central Café doesn’t consider them competition.

“I think there is always room for another business in any community,” Beahm said. “We have a really good location. Central Avenue is buzzing with traffic. If anyone wants to visit City Brew they can and come here for lunch or vise-versa.”

Beahm said there is a lot of excitement for the new coffee shop.

“We’ve found nothing but positivity from everyone,” Beahm said. “We get at least 10 people popping in at least every day thinking that we’re open, so it seems like Cheyenne is very excited to see that we’re open soon.”The coffee shop will be open by March 1. Shop hours will be 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday.


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