Hathaway extension helps future students

Wyoming representatives are proposing a bill this year that would extend the Hathaway scholarship deadline from two to four years.

The deadline means students only have two years to use the money given to them as of right now.

The Hathaway scholarship was established in 2005, named after former Wyoming Governor Stanley Hathaway. The scholarship was made specifically for Wyoming students to pursue higher education and earn a degree in the state.

The Hathaway gives students four different levels of the scholarship, which decides four different amounts of money that the student can earned through their time in high school.

The amount a student can earn is determined by a formula that takes into account grade-point average, ACT scores and courses taken in high school.  The scholarship can be used at the University of Wyoming, or any of the state’s seven community colleges. Hathaway consists of over a million dollars in scholarship money given to students each year.

When students earn the scholarship, they only have two years to use the money. This doesn’t give the student much time to explore, enter the military, or figure out what that student wants to do for a career. The bill is sponsored by Reps. Bill Henderson, Hans Hunt and Stan Blake.

“This bill lets students get out and figure out what they would like to do with their future,” Henderson said. “That two years make a massive difference for students”.

Henderson said what made him want to sponsor this bill is a student that he knew personally in Nebraska. The student went to a two-year school, then came back to Wyoming to finish her schooling and looked for the Hathaway to help pay for her school. The student came to find out she wouldn’t be able to use the funds she earned in high school due to the two-year deadline.

“Was a very unfortunate situation that led that young lady to go to school out of state,” Henderson said.

The bill could go into effect as soon as this summer, allowing students to use the Hathaway scholarship this coming fall.


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