Elvis inspired breakfast club serves early-birds since 1997

R&B Breakfast Club has been a breakfast staple for the city of Cheyenne since its inception in 1997.

Founder and owner Bill Garcia started R&B Breakfast Club back on Oct. 15, 1997, and never envisioned it would become the restaurant it is today.

“My original plan was just to do breakfast delivery,” Garcia said. “I walked the whole city with a menu for about three weeks and then I subleased across the street at the Firebird Motel from 5 a.m. until 10 o’clock in the morning.”

R&B took off from the get go and were receiving calls well after closing at 10 a.m., and that’s when Garcia knew he needed to find a more permanent location. This did not happen immediately; he relocated to the bowling alley for about a year until he got a call from Harold Holmes, the co-founder of Taco John’s International.

Garcia said that at the time of the call Holmes owned the building that is currently R&B and told Garcia he wanted him to move his restaurant into his unoccupied building.

“It was a God send to come here,” Garcia said. “He was good to me.”

Over the years Garcia offered to buy the building from Holmes numerous times, but he was always told, “Son I don’t sell.” It wasn’t until after Holmes passed away in 2012 that Garcia was able to purchase the building from Holmes’ children.

“I told them to uphold what their father agreed to do for me and they didn’t want to, so I said ‘well sell it’ and they agreed to sell it to me,” Garcia said. “I bought it about a year after his death. Then I did some upgrades, I did the tile and the stucco on the outside and I made it into a diner.”

Just like many diners around the country, R&B has a 50s and 60s music theme to it. Unlike any other diner, R&B focuses solely on Elvis Presley.

“I was born in the 50s and my sisters were all Elvis fans,” Garcia said. “All I ever heard was Elvis music and I fell in love with Elvis. I have a collection of guitars at home.”

There is not a table in the house that isn’t covered in pictures of Elvis and it doesn’t end there. The walls are completely covered with Elvis memorabilia.

It’s not just the Elvis memorabilia that sets R&B Breakfast Club apart from its competition in Cheyenne.

“Consistency,” Garcia said. “My staff is here and I don’t have any turnover. The only people I have turnover with is the people that build the burritos. Not the cooks, not the guys who put the recipes together. They have been here for years, my servers have been here for years and my restaurant manager has been here since 2001. It’s just the consistency.”

Along with the consistency, Garcia said he is all about the size of his dishes.

“Since day one I have kept my portions huge, as well as tasty,” Garcia said. “These people keep coming back over and over and over. They know you get your money’s worth here and it pays off in the end.”

R&B is known for its breakfast burrito and green chili, but also offers many different breakfast options, from pancakes to pork chops and eggs. To go along with it’s breakfast menu, R&B also offers burgers, sandwiches and various mexican inspired dishes.  

R&B Breakfast Club is open from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Saturday and is located at 2102 E. Lincolnway.


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