SGA sets up new goals for new scholorship

The Laramie County Community College Student Government Association this month gave an update on a new scholarship they have been working on for future leadership students.

Currently, the SGA is fundraising to get the scholarship on its feet and multiple members have committed a portion of their stipends to assist the fundraising process.

The scholarship is endowed, and when fundraising is complete it will be left alone for a year to mature, at which time it will be available for students every semester on for as long as the college is around. $5,000 is the goal to be reached to start up the scholarship. LCCC President Dr. Joe Shaffer said he will match $2,500 of that goal if it is raised.

The Student Activity Fee Allocation process has begun. Clubs around campus are giving presentations to the SAFAC Committee, made up of student government senators, who will make final recommendations on which clubs are to be allocated funds. This process will continue through April 12, and final recommendations will be made by April 26.

An event was held on March 27 to promote diversity on campus. The Student Government invited all clubs and organizations on campus, as well as any students who are interested in attending the open forum. The main goal of the event was to receive input from organizations on how they view diversity, and to learn how the SGA can assist the student body as a whole on the subject.


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