Music students write school fight song

At the Laramie County Community College’s Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 28, the motion to adopt LCCC’s first official fight song, “Birds of Prey,” was carried unanimously. Cameron Norby, a music major, wrote the musical number for the song, and all of the music majors of 2018 are credited with the lyrics.


Soaring through the sky,

The eagles take the field.

Travelling far and wide,

The enemy will yield.

Let’s go eagles,

Golden eagles,

Fight, fight, fight!

Let’s go eagles,

We will never die.

Soaring through the sky,

Go down in history.

Let’s go eagles,

To our victory!

“I hope it gives more pride to our little college in Wyoming,” Norby said. “I don’t know if we have pep rallies, but if we do, now we have a fight song for them.”

For inspiration, Norby said he studied the fight songs of many colleges, paying close attention to the one sang at the University of Wyoming.

“We’re going to get it (the musical number) copyrighted in Cameron’s name and the Music Class of 2018,” said Beth Kean, the choral music instructor of LCCC.

Josh Thein, the creative marketing strategist on campus, made a promotional video for the song that features students and faculty singing the number that can be found on YouTube, “LCCC Fight Song-Birds of Prey.”

Concerning the time it will take for students to learn the new song, Beth Kean plans to play a recorded version at events and pass out lyric sheets until it becomes more of a tradition within LCCC. It is truly a song by the students, for the students.

“We got as many people involved in this as we could,” said Norby in the promotional video. “It’ll be here long after we’re gone and people will still be singing it.”


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