Self defense is not black and white, uncertainties remain concerning Stand Your Ground bill

Stand Your Ground was brought forward to the senate by Sen. Anthony Bouchard R-Cheyenne. This bill passed with multiple amendments to make the bill clearer due to questionable fraises stated in the bill. This brought controversy to Stand Your Ground.

Depending on the view point Stand Your Ground may or may not help Wyoming.

“The controversy to stand your ground is facing a lethal threat with force this puts citizens at risk of overzealous prosecution, even here in Wyoming,” Bouchard said.

“Citizens should not be required to go through a process where they are tried, incarcerated, then required to use significant resources to prove their innocence when using force against an attacker,” adds Bouchard.

However, there’s always the question of how safe is this bill going to make citizens feel.

“If someone is walking down an alleyway and feels threatened by another person, thinking they are being stalked, they could potentially pull out their gun and shoot and use this bill in their defense,” said Chief Brian Kozak. “There needs to be some amendments in this bill, so police officers can do their job.”

Some people would think this bill might influence revenue from coming into Wyoming.

“It may hurt business, recruitment and tourism,” said Rep. James Byrd D-Cheyenne.

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