Young children roaming the halls, learning on the college campus

Laramie County Community College is home to the Children’s Discovery Center. The school takes children from infancy to five years of age. Any child can be accepted into the program, however, not all children are accepted. Because of the abundant flow of families within the community trying to get their children accepted into the program, the CDC has a waitlist.

Carrie Westling, director of CDC, said parents can put in an application for their child by going to LCCC’s website. To get to the application go to the services tab on the upper, right corner of the page. Then click view more and go down to the Children Discovery Center and click application. Once filled out you will have to sent it in.The school will then call to make an appointment, where they show the parents how CDC looks and how it operates. If accepted, parents have the choice to make their child a full time or part time student.

The tuition for full time students range from  $649 to $750 per month depending on the child’s age. The tuition for part time students range from $39 to $45 per day, or $4.20 to $4.85 per hour. For Pre-K part time students, payments range from $200 to $500 per month, and full time students would be required to pay $130 to $649 per month. Payment also depends on how many days per week students attend CDC.

In CDC, educators begin preparing children so they’re ready for kindergarten. According to Westling, students participate by watching videos and and doing activities.

“The children are learning how to write their names, and hand-eye motivation and patterns,” Westling said.

Westling explained that the children gain some college experience while they are in the program. They get to walk LCCC’s hallways and get to be “a part of the college life,” said Westling.

While on the walks, they learn how to walk in a single-file line and how to be quiet. Westling said the children are learning how to act and speak in primary schools and how to be prepared for kindergarten.  


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