Athletics narrow down AD search to final two

Laramie County Community College is still in the process of finding a new Director of Athletics & Recreation. At this time, Vince Gibson holds the interim position as the search continues.

Judy Hay, Vice President of Student Services, has been overseeing the committee in charge of finding a new athletic director and says that the process is moving along.

Currently there are two finalists for the position, and they are set to give presentations next week. Clark Rasmussen will present his given topic on Wednesday, April 11 at 1pm in room 409 of the Clay Pathfinder Building. Brett Kelley will give his presentation the following day on April 12 at 1pm in the same location.

The candidates will have 20 minutes to speak on a topic the committee has provided for them, and another 15-20 minutes for questions and people to get to know them. The entire campus community is invited to attend the event.

The current timeline for having an offer and acceptance for the position is the end of April. The interim position is in place through June 30 if need be. The hope is that the new athletic director will start with LCCC by May or June.

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