Changes coming for LCCC’s Learning Management System

D2L Home: 1.) Course switcher, message alerts, subscription alerts, course and upcoming assignment notification bell. Account settings that include course progress and profile settings. 2.) Course selector that allows students easy access to the courses they want. 3.) Links to student resources like Not Anymore Training, tutoring appointments, Ludden Library, D2L help for students. 4.) College announcements, such as midterms and school events. 5.) Home button.

Canvas Home: 1.) A cleaner, more condensed area to find your course selector, account settings, mail, help tab, calender, home button. This tab will remain as you move through different Canvas pages and courses. 2.) Shows To Do assignments, including which assignment is due, when it is due, course title and assignment weight, with upcoming assignments listed below with the same information, and an option to view grades at the bottom. 3.) Similar to D2L, the course selector shows enrolled classes. Instructors can modify the picture for his or her course.

D2L Modules: 1.) This tab shows the student everything the instructor plans for the course, including the syllabus, week 1, 2, 3+ content, and how much content the instructor wishes to upload. Also included is a course schedule and bookmarks tab. 2.) Unit page, this window displays what unit you’re viewing, a progress bar for the unit, and links to whatever the instructor uses (PowerPoints, articles, lecture audio, links to videos, etc.) 3.) Content button will take you to the module page for that course; Activities show things like quizzes, assignments and discussions; Communication shows class list and attendance; and finally a Grades tab.

Canvas Modules: 1.) This holds everything students will need for courses, modules, syllabi, files, grades, etc, all in one easy-to-find spot with not as much scrolling as D2L. 2.) Week viewer, which will display what the instuctor wants the student to know for the upcoming week. In this example (Week 1) the instructor has included an “About me” tab, the syllabus, etc. The bottom part will include assignments for the week.

D2L Grades: 1.) This shows the name of each homework assignment, exams, and lab assignments etc. 2.) Shows the total number of points possible for the assignemt, the weight achieved, and overall final grade in A,B,C,D,F format.

Canvas Grades: 1.) Shows which assignments are in the course with an option to arrange using different settings. Clicking on an assignment will pull up the assignment info. 2.) Due dates for the assignment, the score received and the total weight for each. 3.) Gives students an option to calculate grades based on “What-if” scores so they can see how grades will be affected. Also shows if grades in the course are weighted or not.

Canvas Help menu: The help menu includes links to Student Resources, Canvas FAQ, a form to report problems, submit a question straight to your instructor, and more. Students can customize this menu to their liking and add/remove different functions.

Canvas Student resources: 1.) Student resources are in a seperate window that can be accessed from the help tab. Links, similar to D2L, that are listed include Not Anymore Training, tutoring appointments, YuJa help, Campus labs survey, etc. 2.) Files. 3.) Ludden Library search engine for articles, e-books and physical books located in the library. 4.) An option to pull up the calendar and upcoming events.



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My name is Logan Harrison, I am 21 years old. I was born in the great city of Minot, North Dakota. My father had been sent to the Minot Air Force base, where we lived for four years after I was born. In the year 2000, my father was reassigned to the the F.E. Warren Air Force Base where we ended up staying in smelly, outdated air force housing for three or four years until we moved off the base. I attended Anderson Elementary school and then enrolled into the East High system where I attended Carey Jr. High for three years. After graduating from East High in 2014, I received a scholarship to Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, Wyoming, to compete on the golf team. During my time there we went to back-to-back National Championships and took second in the region my freshman year, and during my sophomore season we won the Region IX title. I always love a good meal with good company, and I enjoy hanging out and talking with friends and family. I will never pass up an opportunity to pet a dog or any pet. This past winter I took a trip to St. Thomas Island in the Virgin Islands where I stayed with a friend of mine and worked as a kayak guide for seven weeks. That whole experience is something I encourage everyone to do. Get out of your comfort zone and explore a new environment, culture, food, and activities. I went kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking almost everyday. The highlight of my time there was scuba diving, swimming with sharks and exploring an old shipwreck. The ocean is surprisingly very peaceful and magical when you finally reach the bottom. The whole experience taught me that life doesn't actually start until you reach the end of your comfort zone.

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