New veteran COLS 1000 proposed

Phi Theta Kappa and the Student Veterans Association propose better education opportunities for student veterans

Phi Theta Kappa proposed several changes be made to campus to benefit the veterans attending Laramie County Community College.

A team of PTK members and Student Veterans of America members met with LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer with their concerns. Schaffer then asked PTK to come up with a formal proposal for changes and additions that should come to the campus. PTK requires chapter members to do an Honors in Action research project, and then attempt to implement that project on the campus.

In the official proposal one of the problems that was brought up was there is research showing that veterans do not seek help when they need it. The proposal also said veterans face financial and academic stress as they move through college.

Another problem that was brought up in the proposal was that LCCC accepts credits from the Join Service Transcript (JST) to contribute toward electives and waiving COLS 1000 but does not accept Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) credits.

The proposal also suggested that LCCC accept both JST and CCAF credits equally because a large number of veterans on campus are from the Air Force because of Warren Air Force Base.

Another solution the proposal suggested was the implementation of a veteran COLS 1000 cohort.

Mary Ludwig, a PTK advisor, said the implementation of a veteran COLS 1000 would teach student veterans what support services are available to them at LCCC. It would also help create a cohort of veterans who have had similar experiences and can support each other.

“From that research, they came up with project to create a veteran COLS 1000 and for that that class to include a unit on suicide,” Ludwig said.

The proposal also recommended implementing the Veteran Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) program that is provided by the Department Veteran Affairs. The VITAL program would help make the campus more veteran friendly by offering support services and training geared specifically to veteran students.

Ludwig said that project originally stemmed from researching veteran suicide. PTK then began studying veterans on campus and the services that were and were not available to the student veterans.

Ludwig said PTK hopes to see results from the proposal by the fall semester of the 2018 year.

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