ADVISING CORNER: Turkey dinner, Black Friday despair and the benefits of early class registration

By Andrew Wilburn

Early Registration is April 10th for all currently enrolled students.

Registration is like Black Friday Shopping. There is a big rush to get the courses that are necessary and/or popular followed by a second rush to get whatever courses are left over. And sometime after those rushes there is the despair of nothing left at all.

The shopping example is a broad generalization, but the point is that registration rewards those students who complete registration first. With that in mind, below is a list of benefits to timely registration.

  1. First come first served. When the Thanksgiving turkey is served a death-race begins between members of my family. We are ravenous fans of dark meat and none of us want to miss out on it. Thankfully for you, getting the courses you want doesn’t have to involve wrestling with Uncle Jim or dodging Aunt Brenda’s cane. Timely registration means you’ll have a better chance of getting the classes that you want at the times you want. A good class schedule makes it easier for you to balance school and life.
  2. Desirable courses fill up fast. There are certain courses that everybody wants. Maybe it’s a Tuesday-Thursday class that creates a coveted four-day weekend for a student, or maybe there is a certain instructor you really wanted to take. Timely registration plays a significant role in whether or not these courses will be part of your schedule.
  3. Some of you may remember Fiery Habanero Dorito’s. These delicious, triangular bundles of spice had a short-lived run but developed a significant fan base. Don’t let your favorite class go the way of the Fiery Habanero Dorito. Register early and convince your friends to register as well to prevent classes from being canceled (though thankfully not forever). LCCC’s Administrators must make sound economic decisions which includes possibly canceling low enrolled classes. Enrolling early helps administrators understand which classes are needed and decreases the chances of your class being canceled.
  4. Buddy Up! The tried-and-true buddy system formed the lynchpin of managing people on school field trips and summer camps. You, dear reader, are older and more mature now but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from taking relevant classes with your friends. A friend in class serves as an excellent resource for studying, notes, and accountability. If this is important to you, plan your schedules early and be ready to enroll the first day of registration.
  5. Enrolling early increases your chances of completing your degree. It’s like writing down a goal and starting an exercise program. The more you commit to it, the better chance you have achieving your goal. Enrolling early, increases the chances that you will continue your educational goals each semester.
  6. The previous benefits all feed in to this one, overarching goal: GRADUATION. Registering early increases the chances that you will have the schedule and the credits you need to graduate on the timeline that you have created. This means there will be less chance of taking extra classes, enrolling in summer courses (which is not necessarily a bad thing), and having awkward conversations about why you haven’t graduated yet.

Early registration opens April 10th for all currently enrolled students. Meet with your advisor before then and be ready to enroll when registration opens. The following week, registration opens for everyone and classes will be much harder to get.

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