The Solar Eclipse challenge that does not involve the sun



Inside the Frontier Mall there is the Galaxy Café, a restaurant that has a hidden challenge that few know about. It is called the Solar Eclipse challenge.  


The Solar Eclipse is an eight-pound burrito that has three tortillas, rice, black beans, nacho sauce, shredded cheese, chicken, spicy pulled pork, avocado, sour cream and three different chilies. The burrito comes out to $21 after tax.


After the burrito is set down on the surface of the table in front of the competitor for the beginning of the challenge, owner Michael Turner will lay down the rules:


Contenders have one hour to finish the burrito. They cannot go to the bathroom, and they also cannot let anyone else take a bite of the burrito or they are disqualified.


Knowing the rules, the competitors begin eating. The longer the challenge goes, the harder it becomes to eat.


“After it cools down, the rice and nacho cheese feels like Elmer’s glue going down your throat,” Turner said.


Many have tried to be finished the burrito and many have failed. There has been 21 competitors and the Solar Eclipse burrito is still undefeated.


The Galaxy Cafe is family owned by Michael and Anya Turner. They bought the café on Dec. 1, 2017. The menu has many delicacies such as hot dogs, nachos and burritos.


The Galaxy Cafe also has bubble teas, smoothies in more than 30 flavors, coffee, five different types Quesadillas, three different chillies, 11 different types of hot dogs, five different type of nachos, salads, burritos and tacos.


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