College search panel to hire new Residence Hall director

A Laramie County Community College search panel conducted the first round of interviews in the search for the new Residence Hall director during the week of April 16-20.

Two to three finalists will be chosen from this round to proceed through further evaluations, which will include an open forum for students to ask questions and meet the applicants while they give presentations over their plans for the job. The date for this open forum has not yet been decided, but Dr. James Miller, the interim dean of Student Life and a member of the search panel, said the committee plans to have it before the semester draws to a close.

“The primary responsibility of the Residence Hall director is to ensure the health, safety and wellness of the students in our residential living complex,” Miller said. “More importantly, they play an integral role on campus as a member of student life, also as a member of the CARE Team which is the Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation Team. I think most importantly they are a connection for students both inside and outside the residence hall.”

Brynn Elliott has been the interim Residence Hall director since the position was vacated last year by Shawn O’Malley, who left to pursue other opportunities. The goal of the search panel is to hire a permanent director who is a good match with the students and can aptly adapt to the possible growth of the residence halls, which would more than double the current capacity, Miller said.

“An ideal Residence Hall director is someone that connects with the students, that provides quality programming, both educational and social,” Miller said. “It’s someone who is approachable for students, but also someone who can provide clear expectations to our students about what’s appropriate and what isn’t. That is what the committee is looking for.”

A diverse group of faculty and one student representative make up the six-person search panel:

  • Miller
  • Jill Koslosky, dean of Business, Agriculture and Technical Studies
  • Scott Royce, assistant director of the Physical Plant
  • James Crosby, Campus Safety director
  • Karen Wentroble, administrative assistant of Residential Living and Learning
  • Heejae Jeon, student representative and resident advisor

If all goes as planned the new director will be hired by June 1 for the summer semester. Students can stay in summer housing at the college as long as they are enrolled in one or more credits.Portions of the residence halls are also frequently rented to groups of people involved with Cheyenne Frontier Days over the summer.

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