Exam Lab becomes certified by NCTA

Editor’s note: This story, first published in the March 2018 Wingspan, included several factual errors. It has been re-reported and re-written to correct the public record regarding the Exam Lab’s certification by the National College Testing Association.

The Laramie County Community College Exam Lab, located in the Clay Pathfinder Building, is now certified by the National College Testing Association.

There are only 212 schools with this special certification out of thousands in the United States, according to the NCTA website.

Earning NCTA certification is a very timely, rigorous process, but totally worth it, Learning Commons Director Jennifer Dempsey said. Dempsey said Exam Lab proctor Candy Ferrall worked hard to secure the certification.

“It is a process,” Dempsey said. “The certification took about a year and a half for us to complete the entire process.”

That process includes a detailed application followed by review and evaluation. The Exam Lab was reviewed by a certification committee that is comprised of administrators from colleges across the United States that are NCTA-certified, Dempsey said. LCCC administrators and other college stakeholders also participated in the process, which included a demonstration on how the Exam Lab is operated.

According to Dempsey, the Exam Lab is open to  any student who needs to take a test.

Students who attend LCCC, the University of Wyoming or any of the other state community colleges can take academic tests in the Exam Lab at no cost. The Exam Lab does not charge in-state students for certification and licensure exams, although Dempsey said that the organizations that provide the exams may require a fee.

The Exam Lab will charge a $15 fee for students who are not enrolled in a Wyoming college or university, Dempsey said. This fee is in addition to any fees required by organizations that provide exams.

Dempsey said that the Exam Lab provides a comfortable testing environment for students while maintaining high security standards, including the use of video cameras and proctors, to ensure academic integrity.

The certification gives LCCC a unique distinction that can only help the college’s reputation,  Dempsey said. “We are very proud of obtaining this certification,” she said.

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