Fine Arts renovations still under consideration for Board of Trustees

Discussion was heavily focused around the Fine Arts Building renovation at the Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday, April 11, in Laramie. President Dr. Joe Shaffer and the board members explored which avenues of fundraising to take, as well as what their timeline would be to accomplish this task.

During the legislative session, the state granted LCCC $7 million to update the building, which the school would have to match in order to begin this process. Schaffer expressed the need to match this fund in the next two years, but with projects such as the Recreation and Athletics Complex already underway he said he is unsure if they will be able to meet their timeline through private fundraising. The board discussed the idea of going to the public for the funds but nothing has been decided as of yet.

The possibility of the college acquiring WyoTech is still under research by the Wyoming Business Council.  Schaffer said that if the college didn’t hear anything by Friday, April 13, it will be difficult to move forward with proposals.

Additional discussion points included:

  • Crossroads construction is underway and ahead of schedule, Administration and Finance Vice President Rick Johnson said. Also, the budget for the new library will be finalized by the end of April; design development has been completed.
  • The Albany County Campus presented its strategic plan for upcoming semesters.The board is seeking a streamlined plan shared between both campuses that focuses on student success.
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