New 24-hour technical support system open

Laramie County Community College added a new 24 hour portal for students and employees to get technical support.

LCCC Chief Technology Officer Chad Marley said what is supported won’t change. If students or employees have questions on topics such as technical issues on campus, software they need to use, or college accounts, they can now submit tickets after hours. He said if it’s an issue that the contracted third party company, Samanage, can resolve, the ticket will be forwarded to them, and if not it will be forwarded to the college help desk.

“Say you forgot your password, we have a service ( that students and employees can sign up for to help them reset their password,” Marley said. “Once it’s established, you follow a link on our website and they can help you resolve that without any human intervention.”

According to Marley, if there is a question on a course on Desire2Learn, either as a student or employee, they can submit a ticket – even after help desk hours – then once a technician is available, they can look into it.

“The big benefit with our help desk ticketing system is the ability for people to specify what issue they’re having if they submit it through our portal,” Marley said.

Before, the only way to submit a specific issue through the help desk was to call, email or go to the desk, describe the issue, and the technician would take down the ticket, Marley said. Whereas now someone could be at their personal device and submit the issue themselves.

Marley said that support is done by building – each building has a it’s own technician – and now with this new system, the technicians have an app on their phones that notifies them if a submitted ticket pertains to their particular building, adding it to their queue, allowing them to go from issue to issue.

Tickets submitted can also be assigned a level of priority by the submitter, such as a high-level, emergency priority and it will move up to first in a technician’s queue. According to Marley, after high priority tickets are received, technicians will work with the submitter to determine if the ticket needs to be resolved immediately.

Marley said the help desk and the support desk will not specifically fix personal computer issues, as there are liability issues involved with that. However, the help desk will make the best suggestions they can, as the issue could be something easily resolved with the use of an internet browser.

“We won’t go in and remove a virus off your personal computer,” Marley said.“We also won’t fix a hardware issue, but we can help troubleshoot as best as we can on personal devices.”

The help desk is investigating if they can start adding that service, but it would take additional human resources.

Tickets can be submitted now by going to, and logging in using an LCCC wireless access or printer account login.


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