Rodeo coach Clark heads to Laramie


People make an  impact on others every day, whether that impact is good or bad. Laramie County Community College rodeo coach Beau Clark made a tremendous impact on me.  


I was brand new to the journalism world and Wingspan this semester when I met Clark. I was never into writing until something came over me that made me decide that I want to become a baseball reporter. Being thrown into the sports reporting world was an overwhelming experience. Getting coaches to sit down for an interview wasn’t easy, and those first few interviews were nerve-racking. I didn’t want to upset a coach with a question or portray them poorly in my writing.


I went into with my first interview with Clark nervous. I knew Clark somewhat from his assistant coach, Aaron Vosler, who is my cousin. Clark was by far the easiest coach to interview. Interviewing Clark was like talking to a lifelong friend. That’s what Clark was to me, a friend. It makes me emotional and sad that he is leaving LCCC.  


Clark said that one reason for his departure from LCCC is his family. Living in Laramie is an awesome opportunity for his kids and wife, and most importantly, for his career. I feel you can never disrespect a man who is trying to better his career for himself and his family.


I never experienced the angry coach with Clark, and I feel it was due to his personality. Clark made me comfortable in my new world of journalism. He set the tone for how I would interview athletes, coaches and teachers on campus.


Clark taught me how to relax in the adrenaline moments. After my first interview with Clark he said, “You know you don’t have dress up for me.” I was in a suit that day, because I was attending the Wyoming Legislature later for my Reporting and Newswriting class. Clark’s comment made me laugh, smile, and feel like he was a coach I’d be more than happy to interview anytime.


Clark is passionate about his students athletes. He made a goal for his team during his tenure at LCCC to maintain 3.0 grade-point average. He told me in my most recent interview with him that they exceeded his expectations.


Every time I’d ask a question about Clark himself, he always went back to how hard his students worked for their grades and how hard they worked for him in the arena. I hope that one day I get the chance to be in a situation and a job that I love as much as Clark loves his athletes.


To Clark, I’d just like to say thank you. Thank you for making me the journalist I am today and most of all, thank you for welcoming me with open arms into the rodeo program.


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