Simple solutions to complicated situations

As a person who experiences the day-to-day problems of life in a first-world country, I find that I encounter many simple problems.

Problems like a frozen windshield in the morning,  computer viruses or not knowing how to turn the alarm off on your roommate’s phone. They always have a solution that is temporary and are often solved with buying a product. In my experience, there is always an easier, permanent solution. This is my guide to a simpler life using simpler solutions.

Frozen windshield:

You wake up in the morning late and have to rush to work. You make it out to the car and you find that the windshield is completely frozen over. Normally this problem requires either purchasing an ice scraper or a bottle of spray-on de-icer. Neither solution is viable in a hurry and both only fix the problem temporarily.

With a simple modification to your car you can kiss that frozen windshield goodbye, literally. Simply removing the windshield guarantees that you will never have to deal with a frozen windshield ever again. This modification can be done about as quick as it would take to scrape the windshield off and can be performed with any household blunt object. This is also a great solution for when you lock your keys in your car.


There are two types of people: those who hate mornings and liars. The hardest part about my morning is struggling to get up and feeling groggy. What does the problem stem from? Waking up from a night of sleep. There are minor solutions to help buy unfortunately, coffee is too slow and cocaine is illegal.

What I’ve found through personal experimentation is that the best way to beat challenges of waking up early in the morning is to not go to sleep in the first place. You won’t have to worry about being late to work because you overslept and you won’t have to deal with the extreme grogginess. You will still be up and ready to go from the day before.

I also have found in my experimentation that it takes about two cups of coffee to make up one hour of sleep. Therefore, one pot of coffee and you have a six-hour night taken care of in minutes.

Tech Support: Phones

Another problem that plagues mornings is determining how to turn off the alarms on your roommate’s or relative’s cellular device. I am personally an Android user while my roommates use Apple. My roommates often sleep through their alarm in the morning and I can’t figure out how to shut off their phones. So, I have to deal with the buzzing while doing my morning routine.

However, I found that with a quick wash in the sink, the buzzing stops in just a minute. You don’t even need to use soap. For phones that are waterproof just scrub with a steel-wool sponge. This solution is universal, too. It works on Droids, Samsungs, Apples, locked, unlocked, broken and new phones.

A tool for every occasion:

Now there is one product that is a must-have tool for your arsenal. It’s cheap and you’ll only have to buy it once: a hammer.

Hammers are, of course, synonymous with the idea of fixing things. Any handyman you meet wouldn’t be caught without one on their tool belt. However, I think the hammer is the only tool you’ll ever need.

For example, say your house is falling apart: you use a hammer to fix it. You’ve got a dent in the hood of your car: use a hammer. Got a broken dishwasher: use a hammer. Got dirty dishes: hammer. Computer has a virus: hammer. Roommate’s phone is waterproof: hammer. Vacuum is busted: hammer. Vacuum salesman: hammer.

A hammer is a very versatile tool. I even used my personal hammer to remove the windshield from my car.

Even though these solutions are easy and effective, it should be noted that they are permanent. It’s very hard to un-fix the problem you had.


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