Two experiences, one night club in Dallas

During the summer, there are tons of activities to do in the Cheyenne area; however, there is also a lot to do in Denver, Colorado. One interest that my editor, Jenna Piper, and I found to be quite fun, is to go clubbing.

Now people may not think that clubbing would be the smartest thing to do, but there is security and tons of people that just want to dance.

The first encounter we had with clubbing was in Dallas, Texas. It was our last night in Dallas and we wanted to have the time of our lives.

At first, we got tickets to go to Illume nightclub. It wasn’t a terrible club, but, we didn’t feel right in the demographics. So, we hopped in another Uber and found ourselves standing in front of Medusa.

Let’s just say that we couldn’t have gone anywhere else because Medusa was unreal.

When we first got there, there were men carrying around a woman on a throne, who must of been some kind of queen. Jenna and I are still confused about that part other than it was really cool.

Then there were multiple floors and we were just in awe because there’s nothing like Medusa in Wyoming. There was music blaring, steam coming down from the ceiling and nothing else to worry about but dancing the night away.

Medusa began our interest in finding something like that close to home, so we looked around in Denver.

One club that we enjoy is Club Vinyl. It is 18 and up, so it is not limited. There are four levels that have different kinds of music on each night and there is even a rooftop.

Now it is not quite like Medusa, at all, but it is something to do.

Club Vinyl has a $20 fee to get in and requires a valid ID.

One night it was super packed, not like any of the times before. Jenna and I both brought a friend, so trying to keep us all together was a task.

We were on the lower levels, so we were thinking it would be less crowded on the upper levels. We started making our way towards the stairs and suddenly, we were stuck in a sea of people.

My roommate and I were next to the speaker, so I couldn’t hear anything at all, and I was stuck behind someone way taller than me.

I had no idea where our other friends went and I ended up eventually pushing my way to an opening. Come to find out that opening was the men’s bathroom; however, there were tons of other people just waiting in there so I was able to make a couple of friends while trying to figure out where everyone else was.

I eventually spotted Jenna up on the stairs and I started to push my way through. Right when I got to the door though, I was stuck once again. The security started pushing people from the stairs into the same level that was clogged up.

Eventually, I got to the stairs and reunited with everyone that came that night. We went up to the top levels and were able to dance the night away once again.

There are negative views on clubbing, but just like in Footloose, there’s a time to dance and cut loose. Not worrying about what’s going on in the world, but to live and dance your shoes off.

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