Work experience within college: It exists

Throughout college, a student is usually working toward a specific goal, whether that is getting a degree in Biology or working toward becoming a historian, as examples.

However, after college a lot of people will find themselves working for hourly pay and wonder why they still haven’t been successful in their desired career.

The answer is simple: A lot of jobs out of college require experience. I know this sounds impossible because nobody has given you the “opportunity to gain experience.” This, in fact, is false.

Throughout college, you’re given opportunities to apply for internships and work on campus. Some programs even require an internship. Laramie County Community College provides resources for students to look for jobs after they graduate. For example: There is the Career Center at LCCC that hosts a career fair, where different businesses come and recruit students to work for them.

Although it seems difficult, in all honesty, it is necessary for students to get work experience while going through school. If you’re like me, learning about your future career is easier if you’re getting experience working in an area of your degree.

For most degrees, the required classes incorporate information about the technology that may be used or the information needed to be able to do the job. However, I learn better through experience, which is true for a lot of people.

My degree, mass media, mainly deals with working in newspapers, magazines, public relations and anything dealing with news. With the help of my advisor, Jake, I learned about a job opportunity with the Laramie County School District 1’s Public Relations (Community Relations) department. The position I was applying for was for a part-time multimedia specialist.

A week after I applied, I received a call for an interview. The interview lasted more than an hour. It was the first time I had an interview last that long. It was a great learning experience. It was also great that the school district asked for a student because it shows that the community is supporting college students and their dreams.

I was extremely excited when I got the call that I was hired. It’s great for my resume and I’m gaining work experience. When I filled out paperwork with Human Resources, I was given a $.30 raise just because of the year I had spent with Wingspan.

Throughout the time I have spent with my job, I have used everything I have learned in my classes, including using Adobe products to put together publications. Overall, you learn more when you are gaining the work experience while learning the information in class.

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