ULTIMATE SUMMER FUN GUIDE: Cheyenne Farmer’s Market

When: The farmers’ market is open from 7 a.m. to noon, Saturdays throughout the summer.

Where: The Cheyenne Depot Plaza, on Lincolnway and Capital ave.

What it is: The farmers’ market is host to 40 vendors who sell fresh fruit and produce. You can also find fresh honey and different breads. A lot of the produce is organic and home grown. All proceeds will benefit the community.

Cost: Prices depends on what is being bought and the vendor selling it.

More info:(307) 635-9291 or askus@calc.net

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I’m from a tiny town just north of Rock Springs, Wyoming called Farson. If you know of it at all, it’s almost certain that it’s due to its famous ice cream store that will put a half gallon into a single cone. Otherwise, it’s a two-gas station town with ranches scattered among oilfield businesses. I spent my time there building fences, herding cattle, lighting bonfires, and participating in all other rural activities. At 18 I sought out the world beyond Farson. I hitchhiked and rode greyhound busses across the country for a few months, living out of my backpack and exploring the amazing American landscape. I settled in Eugene, Oregon for about a year, worked odd jobs and passed the time until I decided to move back to Wyoming and attend Laramie County Community College. I’ve majored in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Spanish. I enjoy painting, drawing, reading and traveling to learn about different cultures and the vast plains of humanities variations. In the fall I’ll be heading to UW to major in Latin American Studies and hope to cultivate a career in travel and international relations.

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