If Mathis acquires WyoTech, LCCC’s prospectus plans to be fulfilled

Laramie County Community College’s plans to acquire WyoTech are now in limbo as the Educational Credit Management Corporation, the company that currently owns the trade school, has shown interest in an offer from a private buyer.

According to a report from Ike Fredregill in the Laramie Boomerang, WyoTech could be purchased by former WyoTech president Jim Mathis, who has submitted a proposal to purchase the school.

Albany County Campus Associate Vice President Brady Hammond said that the goal “has always been to mitigate the loss of closure.”

If WyoTech isn’t closing, our involvement in the prospectus was effectively to provide something if there was nothing,” Hammond said. “What the Mathis group has provided is a valuable opportunity, and if that’s how (ECMC) go, our mission, our involvement, was indeed a success.”

According to Hammond, in the April 11 board meeting, an ACC strategic plan was approved by the LCCC Board of Trustees. He said that regardless of what occurred with WyoTech, this strategic plan “effectively covers all eventualities, so the ACC would continue on with its strategic plan.”

The strategic plan is a document specific to ACC that talks about where the campus will go in the next five years,” Hammond said. “It’s basically written to align directly with the institutional strategic plan, but really tailor to how things are different for Albany County.”



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