Magician entertains students during Week of Welcome

Magician Farrell Dillon performed a magic show during Week of Welcome on Tuesday, Aug. 28 at Laramie County Community College. With the audience starting out small then growing to a large crowd, Dillon captivated students with his sleight of hand tricks and humor.

Magician Farrell Dillon gets his props ready while drawing passing students to the show. Photo by Christopher Edwards.


Dillon warms up his hands with a few slight-of-hand card tricks to captivate the crowd. Photo by Christopher Edwards.


After asking the audience to inspect his props, Dillon moves from card tricks to rope illusions. Photo by Christopher Edwards.


In the name of magic, Dillon steals a $5 bill from audience member Derek Goldfuss, later revealing the bill after an elaborate card trick. Photo by Christopher Edwards.


For Dillon’s final act, he escapes a straight jacket prepared by an audience member while balancing on a homemade “surfing” apparatus. Photos by Christopher Edwards.

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