Majoring in music is helping a student reach her goals

Vocal performance music major Ingrid Taylor spends hours each week practicing the piano and singing.

One of Laramie County Community College’s newest Golden Eagles for the 2018-19 academic year, Ingrid Taylor, made the decision to attend the college to give herself the opportunity to explore her future career options.

Taylor, a first-year vocal performance music major, graduated from Cheyenne East High School in 2018. While at East, she played the clarinet in the band, was involved with two choral groups, a leadership team for underclassmen and was the leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group. Outside of high school activities, Taylor danced every day after school and was a leader in a youth group for her church.

Taylor’s involvement with music preceded her participation in high school, starting when she was still a child.

“My dad was actually a band director for 10 years before he became a pastor,” Taylor said. “Growing up, I’ve always had music around the house and there’s always music playing. I think, because growing up I had music in my life at such a young age, it has molded me into the person that I’m going to be and I’m becoming.”

Though Taylor’s upbringing shaped her involvement with music and in turn influenced her decision to choose music as her major, she said that music wasn’t actually her first choice.

“I have danced for 16 years of my life and I wanted to be a professional dancer for the longest time,” Taylor said. “But I’ve always done music and enjoyed it. Dance and music go close in hand. But I had to give up that dance dream a little bit just because those schools are super expensive and hard to get into.”

Taylor said that because she wasn’t connected with a dance company as a younger teenager, it would be very difficult to pursue a career as a professional dancer, thus why she made the decision to major in music at LCCC.

“LCCC is close and it’s cost effective and I can live at home while I’m figuring out what I want to do fully,” Taylor said. “It’s a great place to start.”

Despite LCCC not being her first choice, Taylor said that she already has a few goals in mind that she wants to accomplish during her time at the college.

“My goals are to make friends and connections that will last me a lifetime but also grow musically in my skills and my love for music so that wherever I choose to go next, I can better myself off in future,” Taylor said.

Since starting her first semester, Taylor said that she’s been feeling some stress kick in.

“I’m stressed, but like in a good way,” Taylor said. “I don’t mind it because it’s what I’m interested in. If it was math problems then I don’t think I would enjoy it as much if I’m doing that for three hours, whereas if I’m singing and practicing piano for three hours, it doesn’t seem to bother me.”

Taylor said that by picking music as her major, it’s a great opportunity for her to possibly travel the world and perform, which is one of her goals in life. Her goals not only include making new friends and traveling the world, but possibly pursuing a career as a worship leader because it combines her love of music and faith.

“I love music, and music has a way of connecting people in a different way than words can,” Taylor said. “I love that feeling when everyone’s just worshiping God and you can just feel it because they mean it. You can’t really describe that feeling, but it’s to be able to, like, lead people to that point where they can just surrender and be vulnerable with God and themselves and not have to worry about all the people around them.”

Taylor said her upbringing has made both music and her faith go hand-in-hand, which in turn has influenced her major in college and her possible career choice.

As Taylor continues to make progress to attain her associates in vocal performance, she said that she just wants to take things as they come rather than have plans set in stone.

“My future plans, I don’t really have any. I just like to take it day by day, month by month,” Taylor said.


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