SAFAC allocates over $260,000 to student clubs and organizations

Every spring, student organizations can request funds from the Student Activity-Fee Allocation Committee, or SAFAC.

The student organizations must first fill out an application in which they provide details about how they will utilize the requested funds.  Then they make a presentation to the Student Government Association, which will deliberate how to allocate the funds. The LCCC Board of Trustees provides final approval on all allotments.

According to Zeke Sorenson, Coordinator for Student Engagement and Diversity, this year’s available funds were on average with past years at $264,000.  However, requests from student organizations totaled $342,557, over $60,000 more than last year’s requests.

The increase in funds requested was the result of some organizations asking for more than usual, as well as a couple of organizations requesting funds for the first time.  The Metalsmithing Guild requested funds for the first time this spring and was allocated 100 percent of its requested amount.

Technology Club received none of the funds it requested because its request was submitted well after the deadline, Sorenson said.  Skills USA also received no funds because its plans for funds presented were hypothetical. In both cases, the committee recommended the organizations to ask for funds through the contingency funds request process this fall.


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