Brothers open local beer restaurant

Dana Sandoval opened Accomplice Beer Company with his brother Rory in June 2016.

College students are not always the wealthiest humans in the world. But they are always looking to get a good deal when it comes to food. Accomplice Beer Company offers good food at reasonable prices..

Dana Sandoval and his brother Rory Sandoval opened Accomplice Beer Company in June 2016. Dana said he worked in a restaurant for the last 15 years, and one day his brother had the idea to start making beer and distribute to restaurants around the state. The brothers started brewing and partnered with Rib and Chop House.

Dana’s and Rory’s plan was to be right next to the Rib and Chop House to distribute to the Chop House and other restaurants around the state. But the price of rent drove the brothers away from the building.

“We kept looking for a location because the rent was pretty expensive over there, then we found this beautiful location, of an old train station and we realized they had a kitchen,” Dana said.

This is when the beer distributors launched a full restaurant. The brothers created a menu of pub food about nine months later that includes unique takes on ribs, sliders, wings, and pizza, to name a few menu items. Entrees come with a side and a choice of kale or romaine salad.  .

“The food is excellent. Top five pizza I’ve ever had,” said Laramie County Community College sophomore Tanner Steiner..

“It has that sports bar feeling, but definitely also has that homey and welcome feeling,” Dana said.

Accomplice’s unique simplified tipping stations, where customers can drop off their receipt.

Accomplice also utilizes a unique tipping system. The restaurant has four different tipping stations where customers can just drop their receipt and go. There is an option to choose a tip of zero, 10, 15 or 20 percent and the restaurant’s employees will then calculate the tip themselves.

Past restaurants that have operated out of the Cheyenne Depot haven’t always seen success. Shadows rented out the restaurant for many years before its tenure ended and Cheyenne Brewing Company was in the space after Shadows, but not for long. The brewery went out of business in late of 2016, then Dana and his brother took over.


According to Dana, Accomplice is here to stay.


“We have such great support from our partners, if we were to get into a situation like that we’d be in good hands,” Dana said.

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