Where and how to vote in the upcoming election

Early voting is already underway in Laramie County, but most residents will likely wait to cast ballots on Election Day, Nov. 6. Debra Lee, the Laramie County clerk, and Linnea Rounds, an election judge, help explain how to vote, where to vote and what to do when preparing to vote.


Lee said that most voting information can be found on the county clerk’s website at laramiecountyclerk.com/elections.aspx.


“We actually have a place where you can go and enter your address,” Lee said. “It gives you your sample ballot, there’s also another place you can go where you can enter your address and it tells you what your voting district is, your precinct. It tells you the nearest vote centers to your location.”


Election officials also have an app that will be activated closer to Election Day that can tell voters what the waiting time is at all the voting centers. Voters can also vote ahead of the date by taking advantage of early voting, which started on Sept. 21.


“Early voting is when you come in person,” Lee said. “People are voting in the atrium now, in person. Absentee is when you request an absentee mail ballot. Wyoming, since 1991, decided you don’t need a reason to get an absentee ballot.”


Lee also explained that if voters live somewhere else in the state and are registered to vote there, any votes cast here would be cancelled.


“We have a statewide voter registration database,” Lee said. “For example, if you still live in Buffalo and you were registered to vote there, and you move here. The system would cancel your registration in Buffalo so you wouldn’t be on two voter lists.”


Voting centers will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day.


Vote Center locations:


David R. Romero Park, 1317 Parsley Blvd.

Storey Gym, 2811 House Ave.

Kiwanis Community House, 4603 Lions Park Drive.

Cheyenne Berean Church, 5716 Powderhouse Road.

Cheyenne Alliance Church, 5200 Ridge Road.

First Congregational Church, 3501 Forest Drive.

VFW Post #1881, 2816 E. 7th St.

Gilchrist Elementary, 1108 Happy Jack Road.

Yellowstone Baptist Church, 9204 Yellowstone Road.

LCCC, in the Center for Conference and Institutes (CCI), 1400 E. College Drive.

Laramie County Fair “M” Building, 3965 Archer Parkway.



Burns Plex, 327 S. Main St.


Pine Bluffs

Pine Bluffs Community Center, 708 Lawson St.


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