Former student brings art exhibit ‘Missing Parts’ to LCCC

Artist James Overstreet, a former Laramie County Community College art major, was first drawn to art by his mother who loved arts and crafts. Art quickly developed into a central part of his life.


Shortly after high school, Overstreet became a father and said he felt like at that point his life needed some advancement. It was this that inspired him to pursue a degree in art by attending LCCC and eventually transferring to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for a bachelor’s degree.


“LCCC provided the tools to let me transition toward my bachelor’s,” Overstreet said.


Overstreet’s exhibit “Missing Parts” will be on display at LCCC starting Thursday, Oct. 18, in LCCC’s Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery.


According to Overstreet, his inspiration for “Missing Parts” came from a photography trip to Antelope Canyon, Arizona. While visiting the canyon landscape, Overstreet took thousands of photos and then decided to paint some of those. The desire to add further context to his work moved Overstreet to experiment with his own personal experiences, touching on issues like depression and equality.


“One painting leads into the next, and then they all just come together,” Overstreet said.


The exhibit runs through Nov. 30.

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