Candidate survey: Edwin G. Avery

Edwin G. Avery.

Tell our readers who you are and why you’re qualified for this elected position.
Hello, I am Edwin G. Avery and I believe I am qualified for this elected position as a member of the LCCC Board of Trustees for the following reasons: First of all, my education fits as I possess both bachelor and master degrees in Business Administration from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, along with an advanced degree in theology from the Ministry Institute, Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence/Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island. I was also an assistant professor and taught four subjects (Accounting, Math, Principles of Management and Preparation Toward Pursuing Career Possibilities) in the school of Business Administration at Johnson Wales University (JWU) prior to being promoted to executive administrator at the university. Also, my career was very diversified and along with my education prepared me for this challenging position.

What influenced you to run for the LCCC Board of Trustees?

I grew up in an era where there weren’t any community colleges. My high school teachers were cautioning us that there was a large gap between high school and college. I went directly into college from high school and realized that the teachers were right, I felt the gap. The only alternatives were prep school or the military. I came from a family where I was the oldest of six and my dad worked for the city. Therefore prep school was out as it was too expensive. So I went into the Army and was fortunate to be accepted at the U.S. Army Finance School in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, three years had gone by before I re-entered Bryant University. I was even more convinced that community colleges allowed students to “fill the gap” feasibly; i.e., easier to work to pay tuition and more maturity to attain better grades. Therefore I am a true champion of community colleges


What can the college do to better help students complete their degrees and credit diplomas in 2 years or less?

Assist students in selecting the right courses at the right time including majors.


If LCCC’s bond issue fails this year, where do think the college should get the money for Fine Arts renovations and the Performing Arts center?

Screen current grants and consider possible Foundation support over time.


Another LCCC facility that is in need of repair is the Recreation and Athletics Center. How can the college raise the money to pay for renovations to this building?

Challenge the internal Golden Eagle Club to raise these funds.

Enrollment trends show steady decrease since the 2011-12 school year. What can the college do to reverse this trend and improve enrollment?

Decide on appropriate enrollment levels for the LCCC “service area” and consider the Northern Colorado and Western Nebraska areas for recruiting.

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