Candidate survey: J.C. Manalo

J.C. Manalo.

Tell our readers who you are and why you’re qualified for this elected position.

I have a degree in Financial Management institution from one of the best universities in Asia. Besides being a district manager of AT&T, we took care of the back end and the profit and loss of the company. The college would immensely benefit from this experience and education with the financial strategizing it requires. My wife encouraged me to run because she felt I could contribute to the community.


What influenced you to run for the LCCC Board of Trustees?

I wanted to bring a fresh perspective to LCCC and I being someone that represents the hardworking citizens of the county whose taxes support our college.


What can the college do to better help students complete their degrees and credit diplomas in 2 years or less?

LCCC could partner with 4 year institutions and make sure that the students could transition and all of their credits be transferable and at the same time those credits would lead to a 2 year and it is my understanding that both parts are not occurring.


If LCCC’s bond issue fails this year, where do think the college should get the money for Fine Arts renovations and the Performing Arts center?

We have to do a better job of promoting the value of Fine Arts programs and attracting donations from companies, business and private donors.


Another LCCC facility that is in need of repair is the Recreation and Athletics Center. How can the college raise the money to pay for renovations to this building?

It will be a joint endeavor between the county, city, donors and LCCC and will make the facilities available for public use with a fair fee structure


Enrollment trends show a steady decrease since the 2011-12 school year. What can the college do to reverse this trend and improve enrollment?

Recruit quality students from overseas which will reverse the trend and improve enrollment.

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