Candidate survey: Janine Thompson

Janine Thompson.

Tell our readers who you are and why you’re qualified for this elected position.

My name is Janine Thompson, as a highly motivated person with a wide range of experience and values, I will be an asset to the LCCC Board, while continuing the board’s hard work.  As the business owner of 1st Accounting Solutions for 17 years, has prepared me to work on diverse situations. My experience as an adjunct teacher at LCCC for the past 12 years has kept me in touch with the students and their needs.  I also teach QuickBooks at the LCCC training center, which has given businesses clear direction and vision. I will bring fresh ideas and it would be an honor to work with the Administration, the Board of Trustees, the Foundation, students, faculty, staff and the community.  My morals and ethics continue to aid me in being a leader on boards, loyal to LCCC and the public. I had the privilege to be on the Judicial Nominating Commission, appointed by Gov. Matt Mead. Currently I’m on the Board of Professional Responsibility through the Wyoming Bar Association, I assist the court in protecting the public from unethical lawyers.  These positions, my jobs, my education (master’s in accounting and finance) makes me a good candidate for the job.


What influenced you to run for the LCCC Board of Trustees?

I was influenced to run for the board because I care greatly about the future of LCCC and the higher education for our students.  The community, facility, staff and students need to be heard and I will be their voice to the best of my ability.


What can the college do to better help students complete their degrees and credit diplomas in 2 years or less?

The implementation of the Guided Pathways model will certainly help.  It will aide students to get on path and stay on path. Advisors and faculty can assist students by providing degree advise. They can inspire and encourage the future of our students.  


If LCCC’s bond issue fails this year, where do think the college should get the money for Fine Arts renovations and the Performing Arts center?

If the 1 mill property tax proposition does not pass in November, the Board of Trustees will need to be creative to find other ways to finance this much-needed project.

Another LCCC facility that is in need of repair is the Recreation and Athletics Center. How can the college raise the money to pay for renovations to this building?

The Recreation and Athletic Center repairs need to be reviewed by the board to determine funding. While the 6.2 mill levy and the 1 mill levy  on the November election are still in place, it may be difficult to obtain the public funding for 100 percent of that cost. We may need to fund it through revenue income and a public-private partnership whereby some of the money is raised through private donations.


Enrollment trends show steady decrease since the 2011-12 school year. What can the college do to reverse this trend and improve enrollment?

First, we need to understand why there is a decline. If it is a trend nationally, it may take some time to reverse the trend.  However if the trend is unique to LCCC, we need to undertake a study to understand why. We may need to add programs or increase our vocational education, technical education and health sciences programs.  Increasing the number of scholarships and creating more public awareness of our available scholarships should also help.

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