State approved loan to college to further new residence hall construction

An idea of what the new residence hall would look like.

The LCCC Board of Trustees will apply for a state loan for the construction of a new residence hall.

  According the the Wyoming Tribune, the state legislators,  in the 2018 session passed Enrolled Act 67 which allows state colleges to apply for up to $60 million.  The new program will allow colleges to to apply for the loan from the State loan and Investment Board.The Program becomes effective July 1 2018.

  The low-interest loan is specifically for community colleges to build new residence hall.

  The Laramie County Community College Board of Trustees vote unanimously at a special meeting on July 29, 2018,  to apply for a $30 million loan for a new 352-bed residence hall on the campus.

  Laramie County Community College President Dr. Joe Shaffer said we need more beds because we are trying to increase the enrollment. He went on to say that with the housing market in Cheyenne being so high with limited house facilities we need a new residence hall.

He also said that there are more students wanting to live on campus.

  Dr. Shafer went on to say that we need to move on the project so that the move  in date for student would be the fall semester of 2020.

  When asked about any possible increase in cost, Dr. Shaffer said that plumbing in the hall would be centralized to lower the cost.

   Dr. Shaffer went on to say the appearance of the hall would be complementary to the present style of the campus.

  More information about the new residence hall can be found on the college website here.


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