New employee survey: Jen DeRouchey

What is your name and title?

Jen DeRouchey, communications instructor


Why did you choose LCCC?

“Last summer my family took a 2-week trip throughout Wyoming. We loved it so much we decided to stay. My parents decided to retire on a ranch North of Cheyenne. My sisters and brother-in-laws are considering the move, as well. Compared to Omaha, Cheyenne is a big, small town, with low humidity. We like that.”


How do you plan to impact the college during your time at LCCC?

“Communication is everywhere and used by everyone. I hope to make it just a little less scary for students and help them realize the everyday uses in their degree programs.”


What are some interests you have outside of education?

“ToastMasters, sprint cars, camping, rodeos, hiking, disc jockey, sporting events.”


Where did you earn your degree(s)?

“Bachelor’s in speech communication and master’s in communication, both from University of Nebraska at Omaha.”


Please list one interesting fact about yourself

“I hold an unbreakable javelin record for the state of Nebraska.”

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