New employee survey: Sue Torney

What is your name and title?

Sue Torney, Speech Language Pathology Assistant program director


Why did you choose LCCC?

“Carole Martin and I contacted LCCC in the Spring of 2016 to see if they would be interested in starting a Speech Language Pathology Assistant Program. We were so pleased when they decided to “hop on board” and offer an AAS degree. As one of the founders of the program, I wanted to teach the courses. I was an adjunct for a year and then was brought on as the program director. It’s been a perfect fit for me.”


How do you plan to impact the college during your time at LCCC?

“I hope to grow our SLPA Program. Our program is delivered online with lectures being taught synchronously–online via Zoom and in-seat. This has allowed us to enroll students throughout the state. We have a student from Colorado who joins us from Colorado Springs. Teaching via Zoom has made our program accessible to distance students.”


What are some interests you have outside of education?

“I love to garden, play the piano, and spend time with my teenage daughters.”


Where did you earn your degree(s)?

“Bachelors, South Dakota State University; master’s, University of South Dakota.”


Please list one interesting fact about yourself

“I cannot smell. I fell on the ice 10 years ago and my olfactory nerve was sheared.”

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