New employee survey: Travis Gabriel

Travis Gabriel, new director of residential living and learning.

What is your name and title?

Travis Gabriel, director of Residential Living and Learning


Why did you choose LCCC?

“The LCCC mission aligns with my core values, and I have wanted to have another opportunity to work at another community college.”


How do you plan to impact the college during your time at LCCC?

“My primary impact will be in the area of enhancing student engagement in the residence halls. In addition I plan to help with efforts to increase the retention and matriculation rate of students of color.”


What are some interests you have outside of education?

“Social justice and sports volleyball, tennis, and waterpolo”.


Where did you earn your degree(s)?

“University of South Florida, Florida International University, and New York University”


Please list one interesting fact about yourself

“I was a varsity swimmer and I played water polo in college.”

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