New employee survey: Trish Bannon

Trish Bannon, new instructor of human services.

What is your name and title?

Trish Bannon, instructor, human services


Why did you choose LCCC?

“The positive attitude and energy I feel on this campus is contagious. The compassionate and enthusiastic students and staff and the opportunity to serve, teach and grow is inspiring. This is a place I want to be.”


How do you plan to impact the college during your time at LCCC?

“I plan to share my knowledge, excitement and fun in the classroom so that students fall in love with the helping field the way I have. It is such an honor to get to work with students who want to know and grow. The same can be said about the faculty, we want to know and grow our students and ourselves. It’s a win/win.”


What are some interests you have outside of education?

“I LOVE football (Go Kansas State!), shopping, crocheting, family and friends.”


Where did you earn your degree(s)?

“Bachelor’s and master’s Emporia State University”


Please list one interesting fact about yourself

“I was hit by a train at age 16. The tractor I was on was demolished and I walked away.”

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