Student perseveres through fears to achieve success

Allison Frank poses with her horse Junebug.

Allison Frank, a Laramie County Community College student studying to be certified surgical technologist, explains what it was like to change majors from her first choice, veterinary medicine.


“I’m wanting to be a certified surgical technologist,” Frank said. “I’m also taking anatomy and physiology, too.”


Frank has no plans to further her education any time soon.


“In the next five years I plan on going to a four year and I have to get a bachelor’s of science to further my education, to become a surgeon’s first assist,” Frank said.


Jennifer Mares, an TRIO advisor at LCCC, says that Frank is an all-around good person.


“She’s a really good-hearted person,” Mares said. “She has a really good work ethic and knows how to provide good customer service.”


Frank had plans before deciding to become a certified surgical technologist, but she says she didn’t know what to do.


“I always wanted to do something in the medical field,” Frank said. “That wasn’t working out for me, so I did some research on how I could still stay in the medical field, and it led to surgical tech.”


Mares says that Frank sometimes demonstrates less self confidence than she should, but when she gains it she shows persistence and doesn’t give up.


“What I’ve found with her is sometimes she lacks self-confidence,” Mares said. “I’ve seen her step up to the plate and do something that she’s afraid to do and then she does it and she’s like, ‘yeah, that’s right I rock,’ and that’s the best thing.”


Even though Frank may be afraid at times to take the first step, Mares says she still takes that step compared to other students she has seen.


“I have a lot of students where we problem solve and I say, ‘now go and make this first step,’ and they won’t do it, and she’s not like that,” Mares said. “She will take the first step, the second step and the third step, even when she’s uncomfortable.”


Mares says that she uses Frank as a great example of someone who persists.


“There’ll be a legitimate crisis or something, and we’ll hash it out and problem solve it and I’ll say ‘these are the next steps you need to do’ and she’ll be like ‘I’m not really comfortable with that,’ but then she’ll do it,” Mares said. “Every time she has it’s been a very positive outcome, and I’m able to use her as an example to my other TRIO students who are afraid to get out of their comfort zones.”


Frank says it’s best to learn what you’re good at when you’re deciding what career you want.


“Find out what classes you’re good at,” Frank said. “Pick a path that’s most successful to you, because I know that I really struggle with math and I was really frustrated when going to those classes and it was hard for me to be successful. When I was looking at up to three years in math to become a vet, I knew that wasn’t going to work for me.”


Frank says her advisor really helped her pursue this new career field.


“I had a mental breakdown with my advisor and she was like ‘we’ll figure something else out, just go do some more research,’ Frank said. “Research the path that it takes to get to those career fields. It’s OK to not know what you want to do, and it’s OK to know what you want to do, but do some research.”


Frank says she hopes to be a successful member of the or and hopes to make a difference in a hospital.


Frank is also a part of the award-winning ranch horse team and participates in TRIO at LCCC.


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