Restaurant offers food through different cultures

Tasty Bones BBQ and Bakery in downtown Cheyenne is owned by Mike and Rachel Klemm. The restaurant is centered around the Klemm’s award-winning ribs and sauce but features an interesting combination of Filipino delicacies and an in-house bakery offering desserts and custom cakes.   


As members of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, the Klemms take part in the world’s largest non-profit organization for barbeque and grilling enthusiasts.The Klemms first began cooking competitively in 2005 out of Gulfport, Mississippi, where they were stationed with the U.S. Air Force. They have since won a variety of awards for their expertise in ribs and sauce, including consecutive awards at RibFest, a popular barbeque competition formally put on by the Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne and held once a year here in Cheyenne.


“We love getting to know the community,” said Mike Klemm.


The Klemms first began vending their Tasty Ribs to the Cheyenne community seasonally, during the week of Cheyenne Frontier Days. As demand for their food grew, the opportunity for a storefront presented itself. After winning the local Rib Fest in 2016, Tasty Bones was born at 1719 Central Ave.  


The Tasty Bones menu consists of traditional American barbecue plates as well as an interesting selection of authentic Filipino dishes made from scratch. Rachel Klemm is from the Philippines and has incorporated her experience with Filipino foods into the menu. The combination of cultural backgrounds makes for an interesting selection of delicious entrees and appetizers, including lumpia, briskets, pancit and ribs.


I visited Tasty Bones to try their famous ribs and sauce for myself and they didn’t disappoint. The St. Louis-style ribs covered in rich barbecue sauce fell right off of the bone for some of the tastiest and tender ribs I have ever had in Cheyenne.


The order featured sides of sweet potato fries and homemade mac and cheese, the perfect accent to the ribs. Through my curiosity and fondness for foreign cuisine, I found myself digging into plate of Lumpia, which also didn’t disappoint. The authentic taste of BBQ and Filipino cuisine made for one delicious combination.       


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