College offers various non-degree programs

Laramie County Community College offers a variety of certifications to help students get the accreditation that will best help them succeed.

Aside from the associate degrees offered at LCCC, the school offers a Credit Diploma, a Certificate of Completion, and a Non-credit Certificate.

The Credit Diploma is an employment-centered program designed for preparation or advancement in a job.  The program is 12-29 credits and expected to be completed in no more than two semesters. There are no general education course requirements as Credit Diplomas are comprised entirely of coursework related to the program’s emphasis.

“Those are typically going to be career and technical areas,” Clark Harris, Vice President of Academic Affairs, said.  Some fields in which a credit diploma would be useful are cyber security fundamentals, automotive and auto body and computer support specialists, Harris said.

The Certificate of Completion is a program of applied study designed for immediate employment or advancement in a job.  These programs are a minimum of 30 credits and include general education courses.

“Right now we only have two.  One is paralegal and one is Health Information Technology for medical claims coding,” Harris said.

The Non-credit Certificate is intended solely for the purpose of entry into or advancement in a specific occupational field.  The program lengths and curricula vary as they are dictated by the specific industry needs.

“It could be where a company will come in and say we need special training in plumbing, and maybe we don’t offer those courses in plumbing, but we can still provide the training and give them a credential,” Harris said.

The program is comprised of non-credit coursework.

“We have some apprenticeships for people who are coming here not for college credit,” Harris said.

LCCC offers several associate degrees, some of which are intended to prepare a student for transfer to a baccalaureate degree program, while others are intended for students who plan to directly enter the workforce.

The Associate of Arts degree includes substantial coursework in the humanities, social sciences, arts and liberal arts. The Associate of Science degree includes extensive coursework in mathematics, natural sciences, engineering and business.  Both of these degrees prepare students to transfer to a four-year program.

The Associate of Applied Science degree includes substantial coursework in the given field of study and is designed for students who plan to enter the workplace upon its completion.  Likewise, the Associate Degree in Nursing allows the student to take the licensure exam and begin work as a registered nurse upon completion.

LCCC’s academic program offerings allow students to prepare for transfer to a baccalaureate program by obtaining an associate degree or prepare for direct entry into or advancement in the workforce by obtaining a Certificate of Completion, Credit Diploma, or Non-credit Certificate.


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